Search Engine Optimization for

Evansville, Henderson, Posey County,

& the Tri-state Area

But, please don’t call it SEO (search engine optimization). We hate that term and all the baggage that comes with it. When you hear SEO, you likely cringe, and think of how some local business, “said” they would SEO your business, and when they were done, nothing changed.

So what should you call it? Call it a strategy we use, for getting your business, more customers. If you call us, because you want more customers coming in your door, then tell us that, because that is what we do.

How are we different? More customers, and more recognition is what we focus on. If some “SEO expert” comes in and tells you that they know what Google wants, you should reply with, “PROVE IT.” Google’s ever changing algorithm is impossible to figure out. I am not sure the people working at Google could even explain it to us.

So how do we drive people to your door? We may not fully understand Google’s algorithm, but we have testing a variety of strategies, and found that they work for the majority of the areas in the US. When Google makes changes, our strategies don’t change.  They don’t have to, because we work with Google, not against it. 

Why Should You Care About Your Google,

or Other Search Engine Rankings?

Get Your Piece of the Pie!

Because, if you aren’t in the top of the first page of a search, people aren’t calling you. Almost 95% of all calls to businesses, from web searches, are from the top 1/2 of the Google Search. That includes either the ads at the top, the top 3-5 businesses on Google Maps, and the top 5 or so listings, under the Google Map. If you aren’t there, you aren’t getting calls. The people who ARE in the top, are taking your customers. 

Also, we understand things like having yourself at the top of 10 searches, is just as good, or better, than being first on only 1. Breadth is king here. Most people don’t type something like, “construction company, Evansville.” They are more likely, to focus on a niche and who is the best. So, in this example, they would likely type in something like, “sun room builder Evansville,” or “Top Jagoe Home Builder, Evansville.” You can be #1 for “construction company Evansville,” but you still won’t get that call!!


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