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 Use Mobile Apps To:



 3. KEEP YOUR REPEAT CUSTOMERS: Getting new customers is 6X’s, more expensive, on average, then keeping an existing customer.

 4. ATTRACT NEW CLIENTS: Let’s face it, if you aren’t keeping up with technology, your business looks old. Younger clients are often turned off by businesses, that haven’t kept up with today’s innovations.

5. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR MARKETING. With Push Notifications, you can run ads exactly when you want, directly to your customers.

 Our customers have been loving certain features,

because THEIR CUSTOMERS love them too!


First let me show you what ways local businesses have been

using apps to increase business: 

  • Loyalty Card Function – Every time someone places an order you can digitally stamp their loyalty card. After they reach a certain number of rewards they get a Free gift. i.e. Buy 6 taco’s – get 1 free. You can set up whatever you want!
  • Coupon Codes These has been incredibly effective. You can offer 10% off. Buy one get one free etc. These have been hugely popular with your type of business. Full Customizable
  • Full Social Media Integration – We can add your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts. As you update your social media is auto updates inside the app in real time
  • Push NotificationsYou can send a push message to every user who has downloaded an app, in a certain radius if your business (i.e. 5 miles) Is business slow that day? Run a quick promotional message

All the above features not only bring in increased repeat business,

but they often tell their friends and family about the app and it

grows really fast.

 We will also show you the best ways to get your app downloaded.


There are many more features you can add such as:

*Video Gallery


*1 click calling and many more.


We’d be happy to schedule a quick demonstration, free of charge!

 You’ll be surprised at how affordable is it to get started

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 We look forward to helping your business grow

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