• Using internet marketing, SEO, Review Management, and other tools, to manage your online presence, and bring in new and repeat customers.

Barb Wilson has been advising businesses on technology, since the late 90’s. She has an MBA in Information Technology. With her team, Barb has helped 100’s of businesses with everything from online marketing, to website development.


The focus of the business, has changed over the years, as the internet grew and developed. Today’s business can no longer rely on the phone book or print ads to bring in business, so the focus of Wilson Computing, began moving toward, assisting businesses, find new customers and leads, using technology.


Through hundreds of hours of research, Barb and her team, have developed some very, unique strategies, for getting customers in the doors, of businesses.


Barb prides herself, on not focusing on the process, but learning the needs of each business, and solving their problems with the tool…, that is technology.


Wilson Computing Solutions, is a leading, expert on online marketing strategies, and creates custom solutions that are unique for the needs of each business.  


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