Mobile Apps WILL Increase Your Business…,

If You Use Them

Internet Marketing

The customers I build mobile apps for, understand the value. They recognize what the app can do for their business. You may ask yourself, “How would an app help my business?” The answer is simple: Mobile apps create interaction which creates business. Imagine you are a restaurant owner, wanting more business, on a slow Saturday. With a mobile app, you can send out a notification to all the users, telling them you are running a special on an appetizer, beer, or whatever you know, gets them in the door. You may even send out a notification that tells folks, there is no waiting! How else can you get that kind of interaction with your customers?????

With a mobile app, you have a direct link to their PHONE! How many people don’t have a phone on them, at all times? I actually don’t, because I am constantly losing my phone, but most people carry their phones with them everywhere. With our white label service, you can customize your app by sending out notifications, adding events, table & chair booking (for restaurants and hair salons and such), and many more features, that connect you directly with your customers. You can also have direct links to your Facebook page, where they can post things, like what they just ate (not sure why that is a trend right now, but people like to photograph their food), where they are, or their new hair cut. That is FREE PRESS!!

While you can see the benefits, the mobile app, is a complete waste of time, if you don’t USE IT! We here at Wilson Computing Solutions, always interview our customers, to make sure they are a fit for our services, because nothing frustrates us more, than building a nice, beautiful, and useful tool, just to have it “sit in the shed.” The businesses we work with WANT to grow their business. They understand the upfront cost will pay for itself, time and time again. They understand that, promoting the app will take some work up front, and for ongoing promotion. They also understand the value they will reap overtime, from this one simple tool. There is NO other tool available, that gets you right in front of your most valuable assets…, your customers. Even when they are sitting on the couch, wondering what to do next 🙂

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