Google Ranking Tip – Website Photograph Tips

Google Ranking is truly the name of the game these days. Like I always say, every little bit helps. There are a couple of things you can do with photographs, that will help you move up in the Google Ranking and moving up in the ranking is critical to getting new customers. Here are a few quick tips to help with that:

  1. Always put Alt tags on pictures:  If you have added pictures to your website on WordPress, you have likely seen the little box under the picture that says Alt Tag. This is a perfect place to put a keyword related to the picture and the page, it goes on. The picture on this page, for example, has an alt tag, that says Evansville website optimization. That tells the search engines that I am writing about that subject, and have added photographs that reinforce the topic. This makes the Search Engine Gods, squeal with glee! If you are running a sale on your roof installation, for example, you can add something like “Evansville roof installation sale,” in the alt tag field. When people search for that phrase, it will likely bring up your site, depending on the competition for that keyword phrase.
  2. Geotag photos:  You may be thinking, “What in the world is Geotagging?” Geotagging is basically adding a little snippet of coding, that attaches to the picture, and tells search engines where the photo was taken. I like to geotag photos with my office address, because this tells Google, about activities at that location. Again, it is about keeping the Search Engine Gods happy! There is a variety of software available to do this. I use as it is really simple and free. Once the photos are tagged, you can download them, and add them to your website.As I always state, this isn’t going to get you ranked in the top 3, but is part of the process, that will get you there. Each little step you take to optimize your website, will bring you closer and closer to not only a top spot on Google, but possible MANY top spots on Google searches. Remember, you want to rank all over the place, not just for one specific internet search. People type in different things. When they try different phrases, you want to be there, so they can pick up the phone, and give you a call.