Why Does a 301 Redirect Matter?

Well.., ‘Cause Google Gets Confused, So We Create a 301 Website Redirect


You may, or may not have, heard about a 301 website redirect, and probably think, “Who cares?” In truth, you should. It is easily fixable, and can get you more traffic. I know, I know. It sounds like SEO, doesn’t it? Again, I hate that term and all the baggage tied to it. What is important, is it makes Google happy, which leads to the most important thing: It helps you get more customers!

Let me first tell you a little bit about a 301 redirect. When you came here, you either typed in:  www.wilsoncomputingsolutions.com or wilsoncomputingsolutions.com. Notice the only difference is the www? It didn’t matter which you typed, because they both take you to this page. Now how that is done, well that matters. A 301 is a permanent redirect meaning whenever someone types in either one, you will end up here.

BUT! You may be able to type in either www or no www, and get to your website as well.

The problem is, the WAY your customers are redirected. What you want, is clear instructions, to Google, and other search engines, that the traffic all goes to one place. If Google thinks www.wilsoncomputingsolutions.com is a different website, than wilsoncomputingsolutions.com, it sees that as redundant and duplication. Search engines HATE that. To avoid “angering” the search engines, you create a 301 redirect, which tells the search engines, that in fact, both addresses go to the same site.

To fix this, is pretty simple in most hosting services. For example, in Inmotion Hosting, you go to the Cpanel, under the domain tab, and click on the redirect option. From there it is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have trouble, there are how to guides all over the net, for the different providers.

Here is a link to help you search for the instructions: 301 Redirect

While fixing little website issues like this, won’t make you rank high in the search pages, overnight, they will help in the long run. Each little thing you do better, will add up. Like I have said in another blog, you don’t need to pay some “marketing or SEO guru,” for most of the little changes that can lead to better visibility on the net, and thus, more customers. I have talked to SO many businesses who don’t understand, that in today’s environment, succeeding in business, means having a viable presence on the web, and website maintenance is crucial to that end goal. Rich content on your website should be your first step, but don’t leave out these important and easy little fixes.


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