Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Explained | What it

Will and Won’t Do for You

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Evansville, Indiana

SEO, basically means, making Google like your website. If Google likes your website, it will rank you better, when people search for you. As you know, if people search for you, and you are on page 5,.., you are likely not going to be found. So, higher ranking equals more customers. Period.

So, what do you do now?

google seo

A lot of “SEO Experts” are just, plain, full of crap. That is the truth. There are a lot of SEO things you can do, and they don’t require an expert. For example, if your site is on WordPress, you can install plugins that will walk you through SEO tasks, such as- giving your pictures, alternative word descriptions, and making sure your content, meets certain guidelines, that Google likes. But, that comes with a big, “could work,” kind of thing.

Here is the deal: Google changes its algorithms all the time. That is what decides, what Google “likes.” You can’t possibly keep up with the changes. Even if you hired someone to SEO your website, by the time they finish, you may be out of date. There is, for example, a big change coming, from Google, this month. This change may drive many of the top listings, down the ranking page. Imagine paying good money to be listed first, in a Google search, only to find yourself randomly shoved down 20 spots!!!!

And that is why most SEO “experts” are, just plain, full of crap. The truth is, Google likes 2 things: Big brands and you being attached to them, and CONTENT. (This is why, our media campaigns work so well. We attach companies, to big brands using great content.) Using SEO, you can’t fight the big brands. Those with the deepest pockets win. What you CAN do, is create good content that is unique. If you are a local business, creating content that is leveraged with big brands, and using a WordPress SEO service, can shove you far up in the rankings. For example, our business is in Evansville, Indiana. That is why you see Evansville, IN, as a subtitle in this article. It helps Google understand that we serve that area. (Although we serve the entire United States.). Why does this matter?

Keywords! Google loves content that includes the keywords, people are searching for. Now, here is the rub: Too much of a good thing, angers the “Google Gods” (GG). Putting in too many of the same thing, or having an article that doesn’t read well, will get you penalized. How many is okay? (notice I am not saying how many key**rds). That is an ever-changing thing. This week, it is X amount. Next week is Y. The key is writing an article organically, and you should be fine! Trying to shove keyw**rds in every 2 sentences will get you kicked in the teeth, by the GG’s. 

To win this game long term, you basically need deep pockets, or you find ways around ‘em. Creating unique and worthy content will always be your best chance at increasing your ranking, though there are other things that help. One way to help is to have people link to your site. Obviously, linking your business name to a big business is always the best, but things like having comments or linking to your site from other sites, works great. Don’t cheat though. You will get caught and penalized by the GG’s. The key to making the GG’s happy, is honest, quality work, with people linking to you because your content is good. (I have had more than 1 customer tell me they want a website, just to prove they are for real. WHAT?????? Take it down. Waste of time. Ridiculous. It will get lost in a sea of millions of other websites. A local website that gives hours and contact numbers, that is fine, for people who already know who you are. It will also work for word of mouth, types of people coming to check you out. If your website serves outside of a local area, you better do some work because just having a website doesn’t do squat. Go pay someone on Fiverr or such, to start getting some content on your site!)

On a local level, you want content that people outside the local area, feel is worthy, to link to. (Again, our content media campaigns create links from big brands, doing just that). Is this tough to do on your own? It depends on your time constraints and creative abilities. Being a full-time business owner, makes creating articles, a burden sometimes. Links are very helpful to building a following. Here are a few other things the GG’s like, and can help your rankings:

  1. Consistent updates to your site
  2. Responses on your blog posts
  3. Natural linking to your site from other sites (i.e., someone posts an article about your site)
  4. Blog updates, but not too many. Don’t go putting 20 blogs a day on your site. Google will decide, even if you wrote them all in advance, that you are cheating.
  5. Longer blogs. It used to be that 500 words was great. Now, the GG’s want to see longer content.
  6. UNIQUE, UNIQUE, UNIQUE. Thou shall not plagiarize someone else’s work
  7. Searched for words, but: Keyword tools are bull hock too. You can pay a pretty penny trying to figure out the keywords that everyone is searching for. What you really want to do, is narrow your search down to specific niches, that aren’t being sought after, by everyone else. I tell my customers, I am not going after the biggest most obvious. I am attacking, 100 of the keywords with fewer searches. So, say for example, you want to rank for Realtor New York. That is a TOUGH ranking. You can’t afford it. What you can do is do some basic research on Google to see what other things people search for. (Look at the bottom of the Google Search, for ideas). You can get plenty of traffic from those other searches!!!!! Want to know another secret? Google hides these longtail keywords (like Queens New York Residential Real Estate Expert), because if they showed you it had traffic, everyone would go after it! They would rather have you all pay $$$$$$$$$ to chase after the bigger keywords like New York Realtor!!!! Blew your mind there, didn’t I?

The list can go on and on, but hopefully, what you understand is, that SEO is mainly, well, a big pile of crap. The most important thing you can do, is create useful and unique content on a weekly basis, and use a free plugin to do the SEO work for your website. The rest is mostly guess work.

***Except what we do. Don’t believe me? Type in “Evansville Marketing Expert” or “Evansville Google Ranking.” There was absolutely NO SEO work done, for that 1st spot ranking.